Neighborhood Immersion for Compassion & Empathy

Families Living in Poverty 

Q: How do I start and navigate the downloadable files?

A: Click to view the tutorial video. The circular cursor has been highlighted in red for demonstration purposes only.

Q: Aside from healthcare providers, who else can learn from these simulations?

A: While these simulation experiences were created by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals, they can be a powerful tool for anyone seeking to better understand the impact of social determinants of health.

Q: Why do I need to register to download the simulations?

A: The Medicaid Equity Simulation Project is funded by the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM). To better understand the reach of these simulations, ODM requires that information be collected to track dissemination across Ohio. The information will only be used for aggregated reporting purposes.

Q: Do I have to download the file each time I or someone else wants to go through the experience on the same computer?

A: No. Once the file is downloaded to a device, you can re-use that software application as many times as you need. 

Q: Can I go through the experience more than once?

A: Yes. After the simulation is downloaded to your device, you can open the application as many times as you wish. Simply click “Start New Experience” to start the simulation from the beginning. Each time you select “Start New Experience” the scoring will be wiped clean.

Q: What if I have to stop in the middle of the experience? Can I save my progress?

A: You can exit the simulation at any time by closing the application. Your progress and scores will automatically be saved. When you are ready to resume, open the downloaded application again, and click “Continue” on the main screen. The simulation will resume as close as possible to where you left off. However, if you did not complete all the activities in the previous scene, you will need to re-watch the previous scene in order to proceed (i.e. the next scenes will be locked).

Q: Am I able to view the simulations on a virtual reality headset?

A: All three simulations can be experienced on a VR headset; however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all headset experiences are currently suspended. We look forward to sharing this mode of delivery at some point in the future. 

Q: What are the minimum technical requirements for users to run the simulations?

CPU: Intel Core i5 CPU (7th-9th Gen)
Hard drive: 7200 BAUD

Q: What are the minimum technical requirements for workstation clients to run the simulations?

CPU: Intel Core i7-9700 (9th Gen)
RAM: 16GB of dual-channel HyperX DDR4-2666MHz
Hard drive: 256GB M.2 PCIe SSD coupled with a 1TB SATA HDD

Addressing Bias to Improve Maternal &
Infant Health Outcomes

Q: What is the learning management system (LMS)?

A: The LMS is an online platform consisting of eight learning modules, referred to as “Journeys”. These modules include a variety of media and will ask you to complete tasks, listen to content experts, and reflect on your experiences. The Journeys build on one another and culminate in an augmented and virtual reality experience. 

Q: Why are there assessments in the LMS? What do they measure?

A: Assessments are built into the LMS (Journeys 1 & 8) to indicate changes related to empathy and knowledge of social determinants of health (SDoH). The questions measure key dimensions of empathy that are important in predicting compassionate care. They also measure provider competence related to SDoH which can enable providers to more accurately identify patients’ underlying social needs.

Q: Why do I need to register for the LMS?

A: By registering, you will be assigned a unique username and password. After the system has recorded your registration information, you will receive a welcome email directing you to complete the first steps. Registration will also allow your progress to be saved. You can complete the journeys in the LMS at your own pace by logging back into the system at any time. 

Q: Do I need to complete the LMS in one session?

A: Research validates that training programs are most effective when participants have at least four interactions or “touches” with the material. Thus, the LMS was designed to be a self-paced training platform to allow participants multiple opportunities to explore the content.

General FAQs

Q: If I need help with downloading or running the simulations, who should I contact?

A: Please email with any questions or concerns. You can also submit a form on the Contact Us page.